Hello I'm Annie! I am married to my wonderful husband Ryan and 'mama' to our two precious kiddos Beckett and Hallie. A constant in my life from my childhood to current day has been my love of photography. When I am asked "what is the best present you have ever received", the first thing that always comes to mind is my first 'real' (DSLR) camera given to me by my dad in high school. That camera documented high school memories, college roommate photoshoots, birthdays, Young Life clubs, graduations, engagement parties... you name it and I was there with my camera.

Fast forward to 2021 - I had just given birth to our son Beckett and in the whirlwind of learning to be a mom I was terrified to forget all of the little details of this precious baby boy, so out came my trusty camera. A sure way for me to have joy in the early days with 'B' was to take pictures of him, spend nap time editing photos, and send them out to family. All of my close people know how much I love documenting the wrinkly feet that you can only find on a newborn. I found myself spending a lot of time learning about photography mechanics, upgrading my camera, and taking pictures of Beckett. 

Here we are in 2024 and last year I took the exciting and sometimes scary leap of chasing this new dream of 'photographer'. I find joy in documenting the anticipation of the maternity season, the small and precious details you can only find on a newborn, and the beauty of capturing a families love and connection to one another. 



Growing up you could call me a grandparents girl... I spent a lot of time with my Dad's parents eating Saturday morning waffles with homemade syrup, selling lemonade in our DIY yellow stand, and having a new batman story for bed each time we slept over. My grandfather 'Grandy' was a collector of many things. I say the word collector loosely as he had an extensive camera collection (over 100 film cameras!), golf club collection, watch collection, Allen Edmonds shoe collection... the list goes on.

A love of photography is one of the many things my Grandy gave to me. My first memories of cameras were Grandy taking pictures of my sister and I through the many phases of our life (hello straight across bangs). I miss my grandfather immensely and am very thankful to have his film photographs at my home. I am thankful that Grandy showed me how moving and cherished a black and white photo of everyday life can be 75 years later (see a few of my favorites below). 

Hannah Mayson Photography

'Beckett and Hallie'

Being 'mama' to Beckett and Hallie is more enriching, purposeful, and rewarding than I knew to be possible. I cannot believe it has been three years since Beckett was born... I have always heard 'it goes by so fast' but I did not understand what that meant until B. It feels like yesterday that we were bringing him home from the hospital and yet here we are with a three year old. I have loved watching and photographing Beckett through his many stages of life... from an 8 lb newborn who was this tiny baby laying on my chest to a toddler who wants independence in all things and sometimes, if I am lucky, will need me to give him a hug that allows me to bear all 30 lbs of his weight. My photos of Beckett take me right back to what we were doing and what B was like at that moment in time. From the moment we brought Hallie home she fit with our family like a piece that was always missing. I have found so much joy in documenting the little intricacies of our baby girl... starting within her first few hours of life (my postpartum nurse thought I was a crazy person when she found me on the floor taking pictures of Hallie's wrinkly feet). It is my greatest privilege to be these kiddos mama.  


Ryan and I met in college (technically at a Taco Cabana) after a Young Life club when I was a freshman and he was a sophomore. We dated throughout college and got married after we graduated. I knew the day I married him how much I loved him, but sitting here seven years later my love for him has grown as we have lived this beautiful life together. Ryan is an incredible dada to our kids... he is always up for playing, singing, dancing, rocking, soothing, you name it and he is doing it for our kids. He is the best teammate I could ask for in the adventure of parenting - incredibly selfless, positive, kind, loving, and joyful. I love capturing Ryan in the everyday moments with Beckett and Hallie. I hope to be lucky enough to be old and grey with him and look back on photographs of our family that capture the joy of being the parents to these two amazing kids.



Favorite destination

After Ryan and I got married we loaded up our backpacks and went to Europe for our honeymoon... our first stop was the Lofoten Islands of Norway. Lofoten is an archipelago north of the Artic Circle with mountains, sea, beaches, and fjords. Each summer Lofoten has the 'midnight sun' where the island experiences 24-hour daylight. When we were there, we would start hikes at 9 PM and get off the trail at 1 AM! This country is uniquely beautiful, has a quirky love for trolls, and beautiful architecture. 

The parent trap

Favorite movie

I would like to thank Nancy Meyers for creating all of my favorite movies (PT, Father of the Bride pt 1 and 2..), but mostly for the 1998 version of the Parent Trap with Lindsay Lohan. That movie inspired my love for pranks, red hair, London, secret handshakes, summer camp, the dynamic duo of Annie and Hallie... the list goes on. For years I knew if we had a little girl I wanted to name her Hallie and on February 7th of 2023 in the peace of the night Annie got her Hallie. 

Me... Annie Whitmire pretending to be Annie James who is actually Hallie Parker (IYKYK) at the James Residence in London 

Ryan and I at the peak of our 'Reinebringen' hike in Reine, Norway

Pretending to call home to Napa Valley after getting a 911 fax about Meredith (IYKYK)

The aerial view of Kvalvika Beach where we saw orcas off the beach shore

Annie and her Hallie as Camp Walden girlies

Scenic Bergen, Norway